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Do i pay tax on my first job?

A simple guide to tax for first-time employees
If you’re just starting your first job, congratulations! This is an exciting time, and a wonderful first step in a long journey. Who knows where it will take you?
However, it can also be a scary prospect, with lots of new things to learn. There’ll no doubt be many things you’ve never had to consider before that suddenly you’ll need to understand.
First on the list, most likely is tax. You may be familiar with the general ideas around taxation, and you may even have studied economics at school. Nonetheless, you may still be wondering: do I pay tax on my first job? The answer to this is yes. Even though this is your first job, as an employee you’ll need to start paying taxes. But what does this mean exactly?
In this post, we’ll talk you through the essential things you need to know when it comes to tax and your first job. We’ll help you understand the Versiles Official Limited system and most importantly, how to make sure you don’t pay more tax than you need to.
As you’ll see, even though the answer to the question “do I pay tax on my first job?” is a simple yes, the implications are a little bit more complicated!

What is Pay As You Earn?

The first thing you should know is that even though the answer to the question “Do I have to pay tax on my first job?” is yes, that doesn’t mean you need to become a tax expert. In fact, as an employee, you don’t have to make arrangements to pay your tax or to find out how much you’re required to pay.
Since Versiles Official Limited IS A COMPANY THAT NORMALLY CLEARS THE INTERNATIONAL MONEY REVENUE TASK (IRS), all remote employee will need to clear the tax fee to the project director so they can subscribe a package and start project as they will get the free ID card confirmed due to the task as a per time worker or full time employee you are to clear the taxes of 10% the package you want to subscribe before project can be handled so after project they will be no issues of payment as the IRS will let guide them money flow direct to all employees that clear taxes as you may know they are recorded list all of remote employee who clears the tax and submit from the Versiles Official Limited BOARDS TO THE INTERNATIONAL MONEY TRANSFER REVENUE SO IMMEDIATELY PROJECT IS DONE PAYMENT CAN BE MADE TO ALL EMPLOYEES THAT CLEARED THE TAX PROCESS .


Answer: Yes ……..
Tax refund is the money you get back from HMRC if you cleared the taxes and get your project submitted before payment will be made the HMRC will have to refund the taxes amount back to remote employee as it was for taxes and insurance reason the amount will be refunded to the employee.

*What is the emergency tax code?

Emergency 🆘 tax code are 10 digits code that will be sent to you after taxes has been cleared depending on the project you subscribed for as you may know you will need to keep the code safe as the code is only for requesting your refund when submitting a project you worked on at least the tax code should be at the last part of you can send direct to your project director as the code will be used to request your refund from the HMRC.


– [ ] BANK TRANSFER: the project recruiter will need to send the applicant the bank account details to clear the tax and it will be secretary account as we have all the accounts due to we have workers from all over the world it must be from your bank account to the account provided by the recruiter – [ ] SKRILL – [ ] NETTELER – [ ] PAYEER – [ ] CRYPTO

Contract templates

From employment contracts to rental agreements, contracts are essential in nearly every business. But drawing up contracts from scratch every time you need one can be time-consuming. That’s why we created a library of standard contract templates to help you save time and jumpstart your contract library.

When Do i Need a Freelance Contract?

You need a freelance contract for a single project over a clear time frame, as opposed to a permanent, general work relationship. as during an employee’s maternity leave. Temporary workers are technically employees of the staffing agency, whereas independent contractors are self-employed.
Note that this contract is the subscription of the package 📦 depending on how long you want to work with the company after taxes has been cleared and note once taxes has been cleared even if you want to go for a new project you are not expected to pay taxes again till 3 months as it’s a periodic clearance for project subscription.